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Hyte Y40

Кутия HYTE Y40 Tempered Glass, Mid-Tower, Червено и Черно

Арт. номер: HYTE-CASE-GEHY-014
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Запитване за Hyte Y40

безплатна доставка
на поръчки над 99 лв.
Технически характеристики
Гаранция 24 месеца
Форм Фактор Mid Tower
Формат ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX
Включени вентилатори 2x 120mm
Преден панел USB 3.0, Audio In & Out, Type-C
Цвят Червен
Дължина 439 мм
Широчина 240 мм
Височина 472 мм
Максимална височина на въздушен охладител 183 мм
Максимална дължина на видеокарта 422 мм
Поддържани вентилатори отдолу 1x 120mm, 1x 140mm
Поддържани вентилатори отзад 1x 120mm
Поддържани вентилатори отгоре 3x 120mm
Поддържани вентилатори отстрани 2x 120mm, 2x 140mm
Поддържани водни охладители отзад 1x 120mm
Поддържани водни охладители отгоре 1x 240mm, 1x 120mm, 1x 360mm
Поддържани водни охладители отстрани 1x 240mm, 1x 120mm, 1x 280mm
Преден Mesh панел Не

Кутия Hyte Y40

Многоизмерен дизайн

Детайлите свързват всяка част в дълбоко хармонична дизайнерска структура. Всеки ръб е украсен със строго контролирано скосяване за естетика. Панорамното стъкло от 2 части създава условия за напълно безпрепятствен изглед на производителността на вашата система.

Поддръжка за вертикален монтаж на видео картата

Y40 увеличава поддръжката на GPU до 4 пълни слота с допълнително пространство за въздушен поток между ръба на картата и стъклото. Вентилатор, вкарващ въздух, под капака на захранващия блок осигурява свеж въздух нагоре към графичния процесор, за да подобри допълнително охлаждането.


Y40 се предлага с предварително инсталирани 2x 120 mm вентилатора, един под пода и един отзад. Страничната стойка може да побере до 280 мм радиатор с комбинирана дебелина до 120 мм, което позволява използването на големи 60 мм+ радиатори за персонализирани контурни конфигурации, а горната стойка може да побере до 360 мм радиатор за настройки с двоен радиатор. Y40 също предлага поддръжка за големи въздушни охладители с височина над 180 mm, което позволява почти всеки CPU охладител на пазара.

Meet Y40





















Designed From Every Dimension

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Ginormous Vertical

Graphics Support



Panoramic Glass




Take An Even Closer Look at Y40.

Start with a deeply harmonic, core design structure, and connect those details across multiple dimensions. Every edge of Y40 is accounted for and adorned with tightly controlled beveling aesthetics.

2-Piece Panoramic Glass construction sets the stage for a completely unobstructed view of your system’s performance. Tinted tempered glass blends seamlessly with black interior to compose individual components into a clean and cohesive visual assembly.

More from your modern ATX case






Ginormous Vertical Graphics Support

Y40 delivers upgraded performance, compatibility, and aesthetics that expand on Y60’s exclusive vertical graphics card architecture.


Worried about the next-gen of larger and more power hungry cards?

Y40 supports 4 full slots (95mm) and accounts for additional airflow space between the GPU and glass side panel. An intake fan hidden below the power supply shroud provides fresh air upwards, further improving GPU cooling.




Included: PCIE 4.0 Cable

An included PCIE40 4.0 Luxury Riser Cable supports the latest and greatest graphics cards and its canopy is color-matched with your Y40 color choice (just like the Y60).

Stack Your Expansion Cards


Going vertical graphics orientation typically limits users to a single PCI Express card which prevents expansion… but not here with the Y40! Y40 includes support up to 6 half-height expansion cards behind the primary graphics card. Capture cards, PCIE SSDs, sound cards and other PCIE expansion cards are compatible as long as they’re available in half-height form factor.

Y40 Gets Even Cooler

Y40 inherits a similar airflow design to its older sibling with nearly the same wide range of cooling support









2 Pre-installed Fans 120mm

2x120mm fans are pre-installed: one beneath the power supply shroud and one at the rear. Side-mounting a liquid cooler provides an extra set of fans to drive airflow through the case.








Side Mount - Radiator Support Up to 280mm

Y40’s side mount can fit up to a 280mm radiator with a combined thickness of up to 120mm allowing for large 60mm+ radiators to be used for custom loop builds.








Ceiling Mount - Radiator Support 360mm

Y40’s top mount can fit up to a 360mm radiator for a dual radiator set up.

Y40 also brings support for large air coolers over 180mm in height—allowing for almost every CPU air cooler available on the market.

Optimal Airflow Configuration

With experience from Y60’s optimal airflow builds and testing, Y40 naturally gains a very similar airflow layout.

Optimal airflow for *air cooled* GPUs is as follows:

- Side: Intake    -Top: Exhaust
- Rear: Exhaust   - Bottom: Intake

When using a liquid cooled GPU and CPU (via a full custom loop or a combination of GPU hybrid cooler and CPU all-in-one cooler) the direction of side fan airflow has less of an overall thermal impact when compared to airflow for an air-cooled GPU.

A Simplified Building Experience

Cables Managed and Shelved


Y40 features a robust cable management strategy with cable management spaces and tie downs behind the motherboard shelf and within the power supply shroud. HYTE’s new “cable shelf” design is deployed within the power supply shroud cavity and allows cable management to sit further back in the case and away from vital airflow zones that impact GPU cooling.

Tool-free Accessibility


Accessing your inner Y40 through its side panels can be achieved without tools and thumbscrews. …But if you need to remove the front glass for assembly, it’s secured with screws to the top and bottom of the case. Just make sure to replace them when you are done!




Complete your desktop’s “Instagram aesthetic” with your choice of Y40’s fresh colorways: white, black, and red. Flex on ‘em afterwards with #HYTEUPSetup.

How it Compares to the Y60

Y40 features superior air-cooled GPU thermal performance when compared to the Y60 due to its larger clearance between the GPU fans and side glass.


Thermal tests were performed using a 280mm side intake radiator with fans set to 1000 rpm and 3x 120mm top exhaust fans also set to 1000 rpm across all test benches.

With Y60 side glass installed some cards experienced thermal throttling. Results were excluded

Configuration and GPU Temperature


Card Open Air Y40 Y60
Asus 3090 Strix 65C @ 73% Fan 71C @ 84% Fan 74C @ 91% Fan
Gigabyte 3090 Ti Gaming 63C @ 72% Fan 76C @ 86% Fan 89C @ 100% Fan
MSI 3090ti Suprim 79C @ 55% Fan 81C @ 72% Fan NA*
Gigabyte 4090 Gaming OC 66C @ 76% Fan 70C @ 82% Fan NA*

Y40 vs Y60


  Y40 Y60
Volume 50L 60L
Riser Cost Included Included
Max GPU Length 422mm 350mm
Max PSU Length 224mm 230mm
Max CPU Cooler Height 183mm 160mm
Max MB Size ATX (9.6") E-ATX (10.6")
Included Fans 2x 120mm 3x 120mm
Max Fan Support 5x 120mm + 2x 140mm 6x 120mm + 2x 140mm
Max Radiator Support 1x 280mm extra thick + 1x 360mm 1x 280mm extra thick + 1x 360mm
Storage 1x 3.5” or 2x 2.5” 2x 3.5” or 2x 2.5”
USB 3.2 Gen 2C 1 1
USB 3.2 Gen 1A 2 2

Tech Specs

Type ATX Mid Tower Fan Support (Top) Top: 3x 120mm​
Motherboard Support​ ITX, mATX, ATX​ Radiator Support​ (Side) 120, 140, 240, 280mm up to 120mm thick​
Fan Support​ (Side) 2x 120mm/140mm​ CPU Cooler Height​ 183mm
Fan Support (Bottom) 1x 120mm/140mm (1x 120mm, 1300 rpm included)​ Case Dimensions 439mm x 240mm x 472mm​
Radiator Support​ (Rear) 120mm​ Video Card Max Dimensions​ 422mm length, 94mm height (80mm height or less recommended for best cooling)​
Expansion Slots​ 4 + 6 half-height​ Fan Support (Rear) 1x 120mm (1x 120mm, 1300 rpm included)​
Volume 439mm x 240mm x 472mm Radiator Support​ (Top) 120, 240, 360mm​
Power Supply ATX up to 224mm in length​ Storage 1 x 3.5" HDD or 2 x 2.5" SSD​



PCI Express Riser Cable​ 4.0 x 16 (included)​ Audio/Mic Jack​ 1
Front USB 3.0​ 2 Dust Filters​ Top, Side, Bottom (x2)​
Front USB 3.2 Type-C​ 1 RGB Lighting​ None