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Монитор ZOWIE XL2540K 240Hz, TN, 24.5 inch, Wide, Full HD, HDMI, DP, Черен

Арт. номер: ZOWIE-MON-XL2540K

Запитване за ZOWIE XL2540K

безплатна доставка
на поръчки над 50 лв.
Технически характеристики
Гаранция 36 месеца
Размер на екрана 24.5 inch
Резолюция 1920 x 1080
Матрица TN
Честота на опресняване 240 Hz
Време за реакция GtG 0.5 ms
Цвят Черен
Портове 3.5мм Аудио жак, HDMI, Display Port
Технология FreeSync
Регулиране на стойка Да
Тъч скрийн Не

Новата генерация на XL серията е вече факт! Подобрена стойка, по-плавни движения и софтуер за по-лесен контрол на настройките на монитора.

Размер на екрана - 24.5"
Тип подсветка - LED
Тип на матрицата - TN
Тип на дисплея - матов
Резолюция - 1920x1080 (HDMI2.0/DP: 240Hz)
Съотношение - 16:9
Стъпка на пикселите - 0.283 мм
Яркост - 320 cd/m2
Контраст - 1000:1
Динамичен контраст - 12M:1
Време за реакция - 0.5ms
Ъгъл на видимост - 170/160

1x DisplayPort 1.2
3x HDMI 2.0
3.5 mm жак за слушалки

Наклон - -5/23
Завъртане - -45/45
Регулиране на височина
Съвместимост с VESA 100x100

Цвят на корпуса - черен


Smaller Base – More Playing Space

New base is designed to take up less space while maintaining the same stability. This allows gamers more space in their setup for in-game movements and allows them the flexibility to make adjustments and play comfortably.

Fluid & flexible adjustment – More comfort in-game

We understand that each player has his/her own unique combination of monitor height and angle adjustment. With height adjustment & free tilt, players are able to setup quickly and conveniently resulting in a more comfortable playing environment.

XL Setting to Share™

Share your own settings with a teammate, friend or your fans. Save video profiles quickly and share conveniently through a simple user interface.

Learn more about XL Setting to Share.

Quick Access Settings

The change to the user interface and S-Switch (XS250, optional) is more than just cosmetic. The redesigned interface provides you the ability to customize which FPS settings you would like to access quickly via quick menu, and then allows you to access them with one-touch. Setting up before games or during rounds is now much more convenient.

Make visual adjustments based on your in-game needs

Black eQualizer to increase visibility in dark scenes without overexposing the bright areas, Color Vibrance to adjust color setting and tone to differentiate enemy targets in-game, and Game modes to switch between presets for different game titles– these are all adjustments that allow players to play with their preferred visual settings.

No compromise in durability for aesthetics

During the design process, durability was not sacrificed for aesthetics. The LCD panel is better protected through a frame design that provides added resistance on the sides. This is especially useful when transporting the monitors to LAN events or BYOC’s.


Q: What's the response time of XL2540K?


A: The response time test result will be different because of the test method. Also, there’s a lack of standard of industry measurement. That is why we don’t claim response time as avoid any misunderstanding from now on.

Regarding the response time of XL2546K, we have implemented the fast liquid crystal solution in the panel which made this panel is a bit faster than the previous series in native response time and optimize it as to fully leverage the panel capacity and also fine-tune it for the optimal in-game experience.


Q: Can I use my previous S-switch and Shield on XL2540K?


A: No, the previous S-switch and Shield are not compatible with XL2540K.

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